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Door-to-Door , Catamaran Shipment for Japanese Defense Agency

Trip Summary: from Karskrona, Sweden to Hamburg by feeder vessel, then to Kobe port by container liner, transloaded to barge vessel for final destination in Kure, Japan.
Measurements: 1,800 (L) X 600 (W) X 560(H) / 3,500 kg per unit

Aug., 1999

F-15 Injection Seats for Testing (Round Trip)

Boeing Company, Everret, WA. Restricted Article by Air.

July, 2001

Rocket Booster(SSB) for H2A by Charter Multi-Purpose Vessel

Explosive, 16-tons per unit, from Utah–local port in Ogden– to Tanegashima Space Center, Japan by full charter vessel. Special 53' containers were developed specifically for this shipment with temperature environment control.
1st 2001, July
2nd 2002, April
3rd 2002, November
4th 2003, February
5th 2005, March
6th 2007, June

Feb., 2003~

Rocket Motor for Standard Missiles-3 for Testing (Import)

From Maryland, USA to Gunma, Japan via U.S. West Cost Port by container vessel. Explosive with 5,000 kg powder weight. Special transportation tools and equipment were needed in order to complete the travel route planned.
1st 2003, February
2nd 2003, October
3rd 2004, February
2,900 X 110 X 110 cm (UN PACK) per motor

Mar., 2003~

HSDF (Super Sonic Aircraft for Next Generation) Testing

Japan – Kiruna, Sweden by Air Charter
      Round Trip / Duty-Tax Exemption

June 2005~

Mock-up of Next Generation Air Fighter Plane for Testing

Aichi, Japan to Renne, France via Le Havre by ocean, round trip.
Body: 14,000 X 420 X 280 cm
Main Wing: 250 X 400 X 380 cm and others

2005 Sept.~

Rocket Motor for Standard Missile(Export)

From the manufacturer in Gunma, Japan to the U.S. Navy in China-Lake, the shipment weighed 5,000 kg in fire powder-weight.
Shipped In: Sept. and Dec. 2005
Measurements: 2,900 X 110 X 110 cm (UN PACK) per motor

2005 June~

Windmill / Wind Power Plant

Blade Measurements: 40 m (length)
Tower Measurements: 80 m (height)
In addition to the above mentioned components, other equipment and parts were shipped for the 2000KW WINDMILL.

2008 April~

Barge Shipment/ Tower for Windmill 2000KW

From Shachon, Korea to Gotsu, Shimane, Japan. Total: 36 pcs; 10,200 m3

Oct., 2007~ Present

JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) / NASA

Handle shipments for NASA at both the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and the Johnson Space Center (JSC) as the authorized freight forwarder by JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency).

Test materials and equipment were delivered by space shuttle to the International Space Station (ISS). The ISS is a permanent space frontier designed to allow humans to conduct revolutionary research while living in space. The ISS labs provide a unique environment for the development of high-performance industrial materials, drugs for the treatment of incurable diseases, and provide a forum for the development of education and the arts. Many countries have contributed towards promoting this ambitious project.

* DomeGene Test Material & Equipment (to KSC & JSC)
* RadGene Test Material & Equipment (to KSC & JSC)
* RadSilk Test Material & Equipment (to KSC & JSC)
* MELFI Grand Model Test Equipment (to JSC)
* CERISE Test Material & Equipment (to KSC)
* NeuroRad, Myolab & Ferulate Test Material & Equipment
* Others